This is basically a list of my bookmarks. They are divided into sections mentioned here which are easier to handle rather than just presenting them all in one group (besides, it would not look nice...). Some of them are accompanied by my commentary (heavens!).


Here are some of the games I've found worthwhile to promote.

Caesar IICity building and Province management rolled into one. A great game if you are interested in building a city a la SimCity and/or keeping your Province peaceful from the occasional invading army.
CarmageddonTHE car game. Accept no alternatives.
Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse NowOr if you have to accept alternatives, accept this.
DiabloBlizzard's original dungeon crawler, which owes a lot to less graphical games of this genre, such as Nethack.
Diablo II: Lord of DestructionSequel to Diablo, bigger and badder. Lord of Destruction is actually an expansion pack to Diablo II.
Escape VelocityA space game of trading, combat, and strategy. The nearest thing the Mac has to Elite, so far. It earns kudos for its customability.
Escape Velocity: OverrideThe second installment in the Escape Velocity series of games. It has all EV has, plus more. Takes place in a different universe, though.
Future Cop: L.A.P.D.A great looking, senseless mayhem of a game, mech-style. A stress reliever - it would have been better if it were not for the saving method.
Heroes of Might & Magic IIA strategy game which improves on the original.
Heroes of Might & Magic III CompleteA compilation of the original HOMM 3 and the expansion packs Armageddon's Blade and The Shadow of Death, now available for Mac. A random scenario generator adds more playability to previous version of HOMM 3 - it included Restoration of Erathia campaign and some single scenario maps, plus it could use player made HOMM 3 maps. This compilation accepts the maps and campaigns made by users (the ones which are in Astral Wizard, at least). Just make sure they are in the Map folder.
JewelboxA variation of Tetris theme, which is quite well done. One of those games you play every now and then.
MarathonMarathon is the shoot 'em up game for the Macintosh, and ports of games like DOOM II, Dark Forces and Descent will not change that fact. Rather unplayable on my lowly but trustworthy LC, but not so unplayable on my not-so-lowly PowerMac 7500/100... My play is usually spiced with some choice words while I'm trying to figure out what is going of this type are too fast for someone who plays only occasionally. MacWorld's best network game of the year and Mac Game Hall of Fame 1995.
Marathon 2: DurandalThis sequel to Marathon by far outshines the original in its execution... The graphics, the feel, and the environment are the best of all first person perspective games that I have played. Highly recommended. The source code is now available.
Marathon InfinityInfinity does not differ that much from M2, the main reasons for die-hard Marathoners to buy it are the continuation of the story line and the Bungie tools used to make M2 and Infinity.
Myth: The Fallen LordsBungie's next step in RTS games. It takes a while to learn and a lifetime to master. If turn-based strategy games offer you no challenge, then try this. Not a perfect execution, but close, anyway.
Myth II: SoulblighterBungie's sequel to Myth: The Fallen Lords. It adds more to the foundation laid in Myth. Resource hungry beast, this one.
MystOne of the finest games ever. This is a prime example of what really can be done with CD-ROMs.
OniBungie's last independent work is the best martial arts anime themed game, marred by the save system only.
RealmzThe best shareware computer RPG for the Mac. Recommended for those who like this genre.
Shadow Warrior3D Realms' suberb first person perspective game with an oriental feel. Hilarious! A worthy addition to this genre.
Shogo: Mobile Armor DivisionMonolith's anime themed mecha first person shooter is available for Mac, too.
SimCity 2000An improvement on the original, but feel free to disagree!:) Urban Renewal Kit improves it even further.
Spaceward Ho! Here you can find info on Delta Tao's great game Spaceward Ho!. The latest version is 4.0.5. It is a quick and not necessarily easy game with great sound effects (especially when a Dreadnought comes calling...) and a good sense of humour. Its main competitor would have been Pax Imperia, in my opinion. Try setting your Mac's date to 25.12.
Tetris MaxSurprisingly, a Tetris clone:)... The best of those faithful to the original idea.
TIE FighterThis sequel to X-Wing is famous and if you play this game you'll know why. No Star Wars fan should be without this game...unless you're averse to things Imperial;)...
Tomb Raider IIOne of the very few games I have wanted to be ported from PCs to Mac. Lara Croft is just a bonus, although a nice one!;)
Warlords IIMy all-time favourite strategy game is Warlords II by Strategic Studies Group. The reason the original Warlords was not my favourite is the fact that it lacked the random maps ability - which is why I waited until Warlords II for the Mac came out. I was not disappointed. Highly addictive. MacWorld's best strategy game of the year and Mac Game Hall of Fame 1995. Version 2.0 is similar to Warlords II Deluxe for DOS, adding the same Scenarios, Armies, etc. of that package (indeed, the Preferences file goes by the name of Warlords II Deluxe...).
WormsThis game, although obviously a straight port from the PC, has a philosophy of its own combined with the cuteness of Lemmings. Hilarious!
X-WingWell, it is a nice space flight sim...the Star Wars universe may add something to it, too...


Some of the trade magazines have found their way to the 'net. And some are published on the 'net only. Nevertheless, both kinds of publications are useful and I have listed some of their links here. Some report news, others rumours. Choose your poison.

Inside Mac Games Web site of the Mac game magazine.
Mac OS Rumors Rumour site with occasional news tidbits.
MacCentral In addition to Mac news there are news from other computer sources, just like Applelinks.
MacFormat A British magazine which differs from those published in the States. It is accompanied by CD-ROMs in its paper form. Recommended.
MacGamer What is happening in the Macintosh gaming world can be found here.
Macintosh News Network News. Hands up if you did not guess this!:)
MacWorld American MacWorld, now with MacUser thrown in.
TidBITS WWW version of the weekly Usenet e-zine covering various aspects of Mac community.


Apollo A great customizable hierarchical menu type program launcher. Or something like that:)... For those persons who like their favourite programs and documents to be easily accessed.
BeHierarchic I have used this since the days of System 7.0.1 and Macintosh LC - and I still use it instead of Apple's equivalent software. Apple Menu is far more flexible with this addition.
ColorIt! A graphics program that does most of the things PhotoShop does, for a far less money and hard drive space!
Compact Pro A file compression program which I prefer to Stuffit-family.
Filetyper A great utility for file editing. When you need to edit file type and creator, this program does the job well!
Dialog View Can't see 32 characters in Open/Save dialog views? Use this, and you can.
KeyQuencer KeyQuencer is a great automation software, even in its shareware version, not to mention in its commercial incarnation. It has saved my sanity lots of times by executing the macros which would really have been repetitive to extreme! It also adds functionality otherwise missing in Mac OS with these macros.
NetLink Remote A nifty little thing which enables remote connections between two computers. Unless you have a LAN which you can use this is the next best thing (at least when it comes into playing games like Marathons!).
PlayerPRO A music (MOD) editor which complements SoundApp nicely (which does not allow you to edit or create new MODs).
PrintToPDF A printer driver for making PDFs. Not perfect, but sufficient for most purposes. Definitely cheaper than Adobe's offering.
ProgramSwitcher Windoze has two useful features, and this implements one of them. Very well it is done, too.
SoundApp A great sound program with a small footprint.
Storeys A spreadsheet application by a Danish company Profunda. I needed a spreadsheet program for the results of one of my seminar papers and this was the one I bought as a result.

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