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Real name: Tarmo Turunen Location: Oulu, Finland
Nicknames: Dim ICQ: 29268179
Connection: 56K, Ethernet Host: Can't host (firewalled)
Favourite Game: No preferences Favourite Map: No preferences
Favourite Unit: Ghol Favourite Tactics: Moving one unit at a time, slowly


This creature from the woods of Finland was introduced to the wonder that is Bungie through Marathon and enjoyed his first multiplayer adrenaline rushes playing Marathon netgames with friends, rather than pay attention to his studies. He liked Myth and watched various hilarious, yet educational films that were available for download. After a year of single play fun he decided to brave the waters of bungie.net, and was instantly hooked.

Since then he has fumbled his way through one catastrophic fight after another. The Great Rankwank Uprising of April '99 weened him away from bungie.net 1 (Myth: The Fallen Lords). After that he has been seen lurking around bungie.net 2 (Myth 2: Soulblighter). His silent presence is nearly an everyday occurence after July, when his dorm was connected with Ethernet cabling to the Internet. It allowed him to surf as much as he wants, yet pay only a monthly fee.

As a result, he was drafted by the wily Drizzt of Kamppur. After a vote Dimarchi was invited into the ranks of this order. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but various occurences convinced this slow witted creature that there are some benefits in belonging to an order.

Nowadays Dimarchi tries desperately keep up with the lightning fast moves of fellow players while moving that one unit at a time (or a variant of this...all units at once). More often than not he fails, but that has not diminished his attempts to fail even more spectacularly than before. The finer points of this philosophy can be seen in Dimarchi's Obscure Martial Arts School of Losing, which doesn't accept memberships, but which may be willing to spread the knowledge in the form of films. Someday.


Here are some of the many maps made for Myth 2 that I have - although these may not be in the plugins folder. These are the ones I can recommend to everybody.

For Frostbite Apply Within A Badlands map. This is a winter night conversion of the classic For Carnage, Apply Within (a Myth: The Fallen Lords map).
Keep Across the River Mormith made this originally for the Myth: The Fallen Lords. This is a Myth 2 conversion of the same map.
Lichen unto Death Made by Badlands - their web site does not work so there is no link there, unfortunately. One of the most beautiful maps ever made.

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