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NOTE: This particular story has been put into a hiatus for an undetermined time due to the players moving to geographically diverse places, which make playing a bit difficult. Hence there will be no further updates in the foreseeable future. This saga will remain here for future reference and enjoyment, though, until my account will be removed.

Perfugium Aquilonis will be the new Covenant for the Mages, Companions, Grogs and Covenfolk who survived the assault of their previous Covenant Mistridge by Crusaders. At the moment they are living in the Manor which was bought as a safe house and which has proven to be quite convenient, so far. They have acquired the taxation rights of the nearby village, Llanas, for the next five years. They were about to run out of money...

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In here are listed Magi (some of whom are active in the sense that they are not dead, yet: they could roam the world rather than be present in the Covenant), Companions, and some other noted persons of Perfugium.

Dot Aramis

A man of few words (he's a mute) and rather sour mood, Aramis has helped the mages of the Covenant couple of times. Each time he seems to be rather indifferent to what is offered or asked, but if he undertakes the task, his determination is not in question. He will either do it or die doing it.
In the beginning nobody really knew who this man was or where he came from. He simply stumbled on the mages' camp one night, carrying a woman about to give birth. Being a mute, he really couldn't give any explanation (actually he didn't even try to communicate in any way - a habit which seems to be part of his character). Later Marcel, a knight serving the Covenant, identified him as Aramis - a knight with a questionable reputation. The news are that he was a crusader in the Albigensian Crusade, who turned against his own comrades in arms when the army sacked a town.
Even though he is not the most jovial of persons, no one in the Covenant has really anything against him - except for Hakim. The two have been in poor terms ever since the very first encounter, mentioned above. After seeing that the woman was going to be tended, Aramis proceeded to leave the company. Not being quite accustomed to the manners of the foreigners, he gave payment for the help to the one man he thought to be in charge. Unfortunately, this was Hakim, and to him, that was an insult beyond measure. Had there not been mages to prevent him, Hakim would have killed (or at least tried to kill) Aramis on the spot. Aramis still doesn't understand why Hakim is so hostile, but - true to his nature - he doesn't give a fig either.
Currently Aramis lives in the nearby village, and is hired when an extra sword arm (or archer) is needed for some reason. His main contact is Gynther, whom Aramis has once tended over a particularly bad hangover. This has not made Aramis any more approachable, however, and the situation is not helped by the fact that Gynther seems to always forget Aramis' speech impairment.

Dot Boris

Boris was born into quite a rich family of merchants. In the very youth he proved to be too adventurous to stay in family business. Also he was a very curious person and wanted to start studying science. This he did. After years and years of studying, he coudn't help but to leave to explore the world for himself. Unfortunately for him his health stopped his travelling very much too soon for his taste. So, enfeebled and frail, he searched for a place to rest his aging (but not yet old) bones. He happened by a place called Mistridge: they were searching for a scholar.
He likes to dress into anything that is warm enough. Appearance is not so important. The hair has started to turn gray lately, but that doesn't alter his somewhat handsome features, yet. The appearance of this man may be nothing out of ordinary, but his fiery and bitter nature has gained some attention within the magi. Sometimes it seems to be easier to fight with devils than to wrestle a coin from the hands of Boris.

Dot Eric

Faerie Companion. Waging a private war against Windgraven.

Dot Evelyn

Evelyn can easily be assumed to be somehow a magical person as she has symmetrical flame shaped scars on her face ever since her birth. The impression is not smoothened by what she does or how she dresses as she has some noctural habits at full moon nights and generally during other times when decent folk lock themselves in. Nor does her poor skills in Provencal language encourage much friendship towards her, not that she seeks any. Apart from forming a family with Ascius and their several children she seems to be very out of society in every respect. And when it comes to the Order, marriage to Ascius has let her be safe from witch hunters.
Where the red cape was the distinguishable thing in Ascius, a long walking staff is notable in hands of Evelyn. It is roughly 6 feet high and very decorated - mostly with fire and nature related topics. At top the staff has a mouth or, should we say, lips and at some times when traveling grogs may see strange procedure as Evelyn apparently lets the staff drink something, never water, never wine, but something from numerous little bottles she carries with her. Some grogs have grown to respect the staff by seeing how its interior is illuminated by flames when they travel during the night or by the hard way...literally burning their fingers with the staff.

DotFey Oisin of House Tremere

Fingal's former apprentice. Now a full fledged Magus.

Dot Fingal of House Tremere

Specialising in clairvoyance and the study of man's mind Fingal participates in social functions only if that is necessary, and he speaks his mind about as often. His profile is as high as the sole of a moccasin, except in gatherings of Magi where he may utter several sentences of such eloquence that the hearer may find himself nodding in agreement to ideas presented by Fingal. His magic is accompanied by feeling of a taste or scent of (preferably) toasted almonds which those near him may more or less consciously suddenly develop a taste for this effects depends on the magnitude of the spells he has wrought. Therefore it is not surprising that Fingal has almonds with him where ever he goes and he enjoys them as a snack throughout the day.
Fingal's outward appearance tells us that his height is normal and he favours nonchalant style of clothing, the Magus likes to dress warmly even in summer time. He may change his clothes on a daily basis and if it were not for the faint scent of toasted almonds he would not stand out in a group of grogs. When Fingal goes traveling he wears a leather armour and he carries a short sword.
His voice is strong and sonorous, and the colour of his voice seems to change whenever he has a matter to be presented or explained. Every superior would be proud of such a voice but in the case of Fingal it is nearly always a waste, for he speaks seldom and never gives orders.
Fingal is passive and taciturn by nature, but in no way unresponsive or hostile to those who address him, be it a Magus or a peasant. He is polite and jovial and he tends to adopt the role of a hearer instead that of a speaker. Fingal radiates "I like being alone thank you but you do not disturb me" kind of ambience. All this characterises his behaviour in meetings, except when he starts to think aloud and gets excited by his new found ability to speak.
When Fingal is not in his room or gone out looking at the stars he can be found anywhere in, at, near, and around, and the vicinity of the Covenant at any time of the day, but usually during day time.
There is a rumour which claims that Fingal was guilty of murder of an arch-mage at the Corsican Covenant Delirimens. The rumour further claims that he had even been sentenced twice - the latter sentence acquitting him. All this left a feeling that Fingal is more guilty rather than innocent. There were ample evidence to that effect but no motive was found and chance to commit this murder was not discovered, either. Quaesitori themselves, and especially Fingal's parens wanted to things quiet down when it came to the matter. No one can believe that Fingal would do such an act, for he is not the type...

Dot Gynther of House Jerbiton

Covenant's resident down to earth Magus. He likes order and efficiency.

Dot Hakim Matachin

A Moor Companion. Also known as Shaitan Matachin (derogative by his enemies), real name Hakim Ibn Nasr. Born near Granada, his parents intended him to be a doctor - in which he has some training he has maintained throughout his whole life - he soon attracted attentions of a Sufi who with his aides would teach him arts of combat as well as medicine. This Sufi was a follower of a certain Old Man of the Mountain (trademark: dagger in the pillow)- so it is predictable that his teachings left their otherworldly mark on young Hakim. Much to his parents' and clan's chagrin Hakim disappeared one night. He became an undesirable person to discuss about or deal with.
Years later Hakim (now having earned the names mentioned above) surfaced in Barcelona where he got a job as a body guard of a nervous and impressionable merchant. This merchant had heard of terrible deeds unbeliever thiefs did to the faithful which is why he had jokingly instructed Hakim to kill him if situation demanded that. As it happened, sooner or later, much to the merchant's disbelief, Hakim proceeded to do just that. After which Hakim proceeded to do the same to the thiefs who couldn't believe what they just saw.
Having no place to go, Hakim managed somehow to deliver the goods to their destination after which he wondered around the southern Provencal looking for work which he got at Mistridge. He prefers to wear either black clothes or alternatively a combination of black, gray, and bright blue. Ascetism and stiffness characterize his nature.

Dot Hedon of House Merinita

He is a jovial fellow, with handsome, rural features. Black hair, full beard, a bit upturned eyebrows combined with a jolly grin on his face can make him look much less offensive than most of the other magi. That is, if one does not take into account his keen interest in carnal pleasures. In short, he is the fellow mothers always warn their daughters about. Not that they listen, but never the less, this is the case.
He usually dresses casually in travel clothes, but he owns a more official set of clothing for those important meetings with other magi. The pants and special made shoes conceal the fact that he has hooved legs of the satyr. No, he doesn't have constant erection like his full blooded cousins.

Dot Mathias

With the Manor came Mathias, a very hard working gardener with steady hands. He has a leisurely manner about him and he really knows his trade. His sense of style a better than that of an average gardener. Mathias is an unobtrusive fellow.

Dot Mortimer

A Grog. Deaf as a result of a small mishap in the Broken Covenant of Calebais (failed to save Magus Circuitus who he could have - the last act of this Magus was to curse Mortimer with deafness). Also as a result of the visit to Calebais and to a Faerie Region (into which he stumbled accidentally when he left for a soul-searching trip of his own upon returning to Mistridge after Calebais - told he was gone for a week or two, came back much later...) he is considered a friend by dryads. This tall fellow doesn't like birds, not at all.

Dot Noctius of House Merinita

Born into a rustic family in Bretagne. Spent his childhood without any worries - other than the rumour that he was a friend to the Fay, and probably would have continued to do the same for the rest of his life were it not for a Criamon Magus who spirited him away one Mid-Summer's Night's Eve.
Noctius (as he became to known) spent his apprenticeship in Vuecron, his master's Covenant (three characteristics of the said Covenant: paranoid, paranoid, and paranoid - even the location is unknown). Nevertheless, this troublefree person associated freely with local faeries. One fateful day there was an explosion in the laboratory of Noctius's master. After other magi got there, they saw Noctius stumbling out from the smoking laboratory, badly hurt. His master (or even remains of him) was nowhere to be seen. Magi tried to query Noctius about what had happened there but they never got a satisfactory answer, not even with the aid of local Quaesitor (this is why Noctius is not... fond of this House). Another effect of this incident was that Noctius seemed to stink to high heaven - an effect which gradually diminished, but has remained noticeable. After this he became withdrawn.
A Merinita Magus of the same Covenant sensed some possibilities and took him under her wing. Distrustful at first, he gradually opened to her teachings and became a Magus much later than most apprentices in the Covenant. Noctius doesn't trust anybody from his former Covenant. He dresses in clothings of a wandering monk, face mostly covered by the hood.

Contests with Fingal for the title of the oldest Magus in Covenant. Current whereabouts unknown, Fingal's theory is that he is in a limbo of some sort where Anyan of Criamon, the Magus who was to train Noctius, was during his disappearance before he appeared in Noctius' laboratory in a similar incident described above.

Dot Solitaria of House Ex Miscellanea

Covenant's Beauty (with her two beasts: a bear and a raven). Her Master was killed by gentlefolks in a nearby village. Limps as a result of what followed after that. A good way to anger her is to speak of churches, priests, etc...

Dot Terribilis of House Flambeau

Current whereabouts unknown.

Dot Silvanus of House Bjornaer

Roaming the world after the Fall of Mistridge.

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