The Mighty List Of Links!

You can still leave without losing your sanity or getting strange urges to reach out and bite someone... This page is a list of interesting pages I've found on the 'net, or they have been mentioned in publications I read. Mainly this page is for my convenience.

Links Categories
Alta Vista search engine
Andromeda Bookshop books, videos
Anime anime
Anime Web Turnpike anime, manga, books, videos, fandom
Astronomy Magazine astronomy
Bud's Art Books comics, books, art
Cheetaholics comics
CMC Magazine language
Commander Kitty comics, comic strip
Cool Cat Studio comics, comic strip
COMPLETE Sabrina Online Chronology, The comics, comic strip, anthropomorphics, Eric Schwartz
Dirty Pair anime, manga
Dynamic Drive dhtml, javascript
Errant Story comics, comic strup
Fred Perry Fan Club comics, Gold Digger, Fred Perry
Google search engine
Google's Groups search engine, usenet
Internet-käyttäjät ikuisesti - IKI ry Internet
Jarre, Jean Michel music
Local weather weather, Oulu
LOCUS scifi newzine
Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5, The scifi, Babylon 5, tv
Lycos search engine
Mars Today astronomy, Mars
MegaTokyo comics, comic strip Mozilla, Netscape
Namir Deiter comics, comic strip
NASA astronomy
Penny Arcade comics, comic strip
PHP: Hypertext preprocessor php
Poisonwind comics, comic strip
QuirksMode javascript, css, dom
Planetary Society, The astronomy
Polymer City Chronicles, The comics, comic strip comics, comic strip
Sinfest comics, comic strip
University of Oulu, The Oulu, university
User Friendly the Comic Strip comics, comic strip, User Friendly
Virtual Communities internet, usenet, www
W3C www, html, dhtml, css, xml
Welcome to Damocles Tower! Dirty Pair, anime, manga
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