I am a player in the following:

Occasionally (very occasionally...), I serve as a Story Guide in Ars Magica and as an Animator in TOON. The other TOON related page. I'm also a Storyteller of our Children of Fire campaign.

I am also a proud owner of the Illuminati Deluxe Edition table game. And, therefore, it probably surprises no one if I say that I own the complete set of Illuminati: New World Order trading card game, the one card game that I really wanted for myself. In the same trading card game tradition I have a set of Magic the Gathering with some boosters, and Jyhad, which I have grown to like (blame Harri for giving me a set for a gift!:) I have been damned ever since!).

Vampire and Wraith

Because there already is a WWW-page where the story of our Sabbat and Wraith games are told, there's no need to waste this space to tell who are participating or who are playing.
I have two vampires in play: Hunter Rose, a Tremere antitribu (primary character) and Cain Bedlam, a Brujah antitribu (secondary character). My wraith is called Nikodemus.

I am participating in a Dark Ages Campaign where I'm playing a millenium old Brujah Elder called Praed. It is taking place at Transsylvania.


This game, as you probably know, has a rich background from which to draw inspiration from. Our merry band, in which I play a Varyag mage called Bor, has gained a considerable reputation: there does not seem to be a place where our heads are not wanted...fortunately, this reputation appears to be limited to certain quarters.
Bor's usual function is to observe and encourage the fighters of the band in their battles, helping them with a little magic if the need arises. He is the one who suffers the least - although lately that has not been true. He would very much like to force feed cowberries to the bard of the band who did this once to him at Rivendell in order to cure him from a particularly bad hangover after a particularly decadent orgying - Bert the half orc (nowadays dead), the originator of the orgy idea, helped some in the partying.
After finding a lost tribe of dwarves, and killing a demon (for an other demon:(...) we aim to eradicate this beautiful world from two of our headaches...right after Nathaniel - a mage/bounty hunter which robbed all our possessions - is killed a few times...
The latest session was almost exemplary: nothing happened to Bor (and he didn't have to do anything) and Ramgir the Dunedain almost died. The good old days are almost makes me wax nostalgic. Abram the half elf joined the group, as well as Palmir the Dunedain's cousin, Bolog.
Selma the Seer rocks, by the way - in Bor's opinion, at the least. So what about it that she has prophesied a future of death, flames, and destruction for Bor...that's what a Varyag expects, anyway. His familiar has kicked the bucket, dammit.
Right...we were hired to protect some dwarves (all except one died) and retrieve a banner for some family from some mountain dwellings of those dwarves' ancestors. We took quite a beating from a vampire, three zombie trolls, and traps, but we got it. Naturally, the person for whom this was meant turned out to be Nathaniel. He managed to escape (he got lucky...).
Apparently, we are in a place where we should definitely not be...Ostigurth(?). There's an arena in that place, and we seem to be the next main event. Rats.

Correction: we weren't the next event...we were just invited (friendly, like) to the unholy of the unholiest of Ostigurth - and got drafted. By representatives of the Mouth of Sauron. The wolfshead Nathaniel stole from us seems to control Carcharoth, the Red Maw, Wolf of Angband, whose spirit they were resurrecting. Apparently the Mouth of Sauron would have had some chance to control it with a little help from hordes of mages, but since we left with it (teleported with Selma's special made teleport potion) he may have some difficulties with the sure ain't pleased! Our guess is that the Red Maw comes after us - the wolfshead serves as a beacon of sort. The question is, for how long will Ostigurth stand before it falls? Interesting times, eh?
On the run, guess from who? We are in the North (in the midst of winter) and that approaching storm cloud in the South is Carcharoth. A helpful orc patrol (and orc shaman) pointed us the place to go by emphasizing that you should not go to that particular place. Naturally, we headed toward that place head over heels.
Well, we got rid of that pesky wolf. We took quite a beating from the giants guarding the temple but their population suffered even more. The place appeared to have been a temple of Ilmarin and Valars in general. Whatever...after a chat with Orome Sokos' familiar Räksy, the mutt of many breeds, got the honour of housing the spirit of Huan. The rest was history. All that remained of the wolf was a skull which was taken as a loot - Räksy couldn't handle the stress and eventually died. Against all Bor's expectations Esgaroth, our base of operations and Selma's home, was still standing. Bor is going to have a little chat with Selma about a certain letter...

A sort of introduction to the next story line, I suppose: we played a team of Silvan elves who had fun with the sorry Orcs who erred into our forest, had a chat with Flash, the ne'er-do-well elven...scout, and had a chat (read: fight, in this case...) with Carcharoth before he got the hint and headed North. We took a beating but so did Carcharoth - I think:)... Losses: one obnoxious elf who was always betting on things and bragging about his relationship to someone famous...

New characters (in addition to old ones - for different kind of jobs?) introduced: soldiers working for Gondorian army/intelligence. First messy task gained due to a classic bar fight, the second was meant to be a sort of PR work for the benefit of people of Esgaroth and the third will continue this.
The third session of this adventure has taken place, and it went well - if you ignore the fact that my Rohirrim character of great potential died of a split skull while attacking enemy fortifications. Well, the killer was no small fry (a lieutenant in the army of Ostigurth, with stats to beat any character in our group - but the bastard tripped over something, fell on a sword - not that it harmed him much - and was captured...bah!). Back to the drawing board.
Back to the old characters. As a result of the successful recon missions described above we got the pleasure of infiltrating Ostigurth and rescuing an agent of Gondor (who proved to be General Muffins). Our incredible display of arrogance and magical powers got us far farther than I could have believed to be possible. We were seriously lacking in fighters in this mission - basically the mission was accomplished without fighters. We made it through some skirmishes to Ostigurth where we contacted the agent and found out that Nathaniel had risen in importance in Mouth of Sauron's army. Abram had a chat with him which he will no doubt remember. We escaped...Nathaniel had time to recognise us, however. Good! He did not like the fact. Story ended halfway to Esgaroth (?). We had to rest the flying steeds which were, um, liberated during the recon missions mentioned above (these were used to fly from those bases to Ostigurth and, hopefully, back). By the way, there is nothing strange in Bor wearing an armour while casting spells (I'm puzzled, however...I'm not complaining).

Another glorious episode in the lives of Gondorian Army Specialists (GAS), and another glorious death of my another Rohirrim character (of great potential) while diverting with others those ten wolfriders surrounding the keep - upon who he happened during scouting mission - from attacking another character who was to warn Gondorian staff at Esgaroth that the keep where we were (see above) would be very shortly under siege by their former occupants who came back to reclaim it with force (around 300 orcs). The ruse eventually succeeded and as eventually a rabbit hole and Brisingar's horse succeeded in meeting with each other, resulting in my character's death (the horse followed shortly thereafter). Anyway, the six of us defended the keep the best we could but we had to yield the fortification to the enemy, but not before estimated one third of their troops were decimated. In due time we made it to Esgaroth to find out that we were written off as acceptable, if unfortunate losses. So the ruse had worked and they were warned. Our reward was a week's rest. To be continued.

Back to regular characters, this time accompanying Muffins to Mount Gundabad (?) to seal the mutual aid agreement between Gondor and the orcs of Gundabad (sort of). After helping the local King to remove a threat to his throne all went swell. Anyway, there are way too many people who know what Bor seems to be (he doesn't, exactly, if it is something else than what he really appears to be). Magical drugs are fun, especially if the result is euphoria!;) Party!:)

Six months after this, there was a great gathering of (at least) seven armies, with the intention to finish the battle over the the northern supremacy for once and for all. Armies of Ostigurth versus Men, Dwarves and Elves of North, as well as Orcs of Mount Gundabad. There was a meeting of the leaders/representatives of these allies...the aim was to decide who would lead their combined armies. After a long discussion General Muffins was chosen for the job as the most acceptable candidate to all parties present.
Since members of the allied force didn't show much of a unity before the enemy, a strike force with members of each group was gathered, we ending up as their keepers from harm as they would show everyone what they could do together. Well, the near disaster which would follow this effort didn't happen, after all. although most of the group was in various stages of injury after a clash with a group of wolfriders and their mage leader (outnumbering us, by the way), mission could be considered a success. Bor didn't have a much of a chance to do anything, since his first spell was reflected from the mage back to him and he botched the second try. It wasn't fun.;)
Anyway, we got back to the base where these would be heroes could get their chance to tell stories of glory. Selma got there, too. How, I don't know. Before the first clash a negotiator (Nathaniel) of Ostigurth met with the leaders of the allies: surrender wasn't an option our superiors approved of, so that meeting was short. Soon afterwards some of these people would drop dead just like that: Selma told us (or was it just Bor?) that somebody was ripping souls from their hosts and therefore she would send us to other planes where we should guard our armies and prevent that from happening again. What do you know...we ended up fighting with the Mouth of Sauron. It would be a nasty fight in various planes where essence ran with various degrees of purity, just waiting to be tapped by those capable of doing it. It got nasty from this point on from a mage's point of view. We won, as improbable as it sounds, and thereby prevented those unnatural deaths which was why we were in these planes. Our armies didn't seem to do very well against the might of Ostigurth, when suddenly Ostigurth retreated from the battle. After we got back to our regular existence we found out why: there was a new leader in charge of Ostigurth. Nathaniel. He thanked us for doing this favour to him and he promised to retreat his troops back to Ostigurth. He promised to return those things he "confiscated" from us as well in the beginning of our...relationship with him. This won't be the end of this, you can be sure!:) It has gone beyond the realm of personal ages ago;) has a life of its own, now.


Well...there's not much to say. I'm just starting to familiarise myself with the game. I play a human fighter (of sorts...) called Ricardo Silver who, so far, has had out of body experiences, and some luck in hitting foes every now and then. Indirect cause in a death of a Ms. Willowdale (he was not himself at the time...), later resurrected. She seems to harbour a grudge for spoiling her +2 sword, I don't know why... Fortunately he has saved her from certain death (which goes for Harald the dwarf, too), only to die himself quite soon after that, along with Giorgio. Both resurrected (missions from gods are devilish, not to mention costly!).
Oh, by the way: Hero Justice, our Paladin has a new toy...some kind of a sword. Aurina (Ms. Willowdale) has one, she will not give to anyone... Giorgio has, um, er, a henchwoman called Maria? Harald has packed and gone somewhere for the time being. Our thief who had seen the error of her ways is back at it, again. Avatar, the mage with Puff the magic dragon, is himself, i.e. weird.
We have saved a certain city from certain destruction with our great leadership of armies (not) with a minimal loss of life (not). Thank goodness the hordes of Orcistan suddenly abandoned their mission of conquest:)... Hero is feeling lucky, nowadays, because we insisted on examining his magic trinkets (evil to the bone, except those which weren't).
Hero is well again...or so they say...Aurina, on the other hand, goes the other way. Harald, that midget, is back. Never a dull day, that's for sure.
That sucker, Hero, got a job as a protector of Sorbus...that's what you get when you save a town from certain doom. Like that was not enough, the town folk decided to commemorate the occasion by building statues of all of us. Furthermore, adding insult to injury;)...a would be holy place of Hero's god was under attack by some nasties which were handily dispatched (riight, Ricardo lost three levels and nearly died...what we do in the line of duty). Anyway, the bugger Hero got even a bigger task of spreading the faith from the survivors of that bloodbath. And we, the rest of his entourage, got drafted to do the same! Oh, man!;)
Attacking Wilburg, trying to stop portals to Hell (one of those, anyway...) from being utilised. So far, so good. We refuse to die!;)
The end of this story was reached: we successfully defeated the forces of evil. Maria reached the state of a jelly before this, however. Pissed off by this Giorgio went on a rampage killing innocent, evil magic-users. Hero had deep, so-called meaningful discussions with Wilbert the Anti-Paladin. Well, it's one way of fighting, I suppose... Most of the action took place beyond the reach of the rest of the troupe (excluding Avatar) who were content with wasting mages and after that, looking for a way out before the hell breaks loose. Discreetly ignoring 300 or so devils in the same room. Aftermath included us basking in our glory and fame and getting a letter from Harald who was well on his way to found a Dwarven kingdom, unfortunately.

Next? Something new...Night Below.

Okay, the first and second session of this scenario of carnage have taken place. Let me tell you, it is no fun to be a low level character!;) Anyway, despite inordinate amount of beating we have taken we are still alive. Lucky, I guess...
We have lived through the third session - we must have done something wrong... Fortunately, our glorious GM has promised that blood bath shall follow so we can start from the beginning, I guess. Anyway, we have a mission: find Yelenneth (?) and inform the concerned parties of her whereabouts, or something like that. So far, this has been successfully evaded.
Oh, yeah: this group of famous adventurers consists of an elven Mage (Yarguin), a half-elven mage (Luigi), a human warrior (Dea), a human archer (Walther), a gnome thief (Balin), and a dwarven cleric of Clangeddin (Balin - don't character), and two character NPC warriors, named Tono and Kono - they are probably tougher than the rest of us combined. Our reputation as problem solvers has started to spread. This must be due to our ability to prioritize our jobs and thereby solve them efficiently. If you believe that, I have some lovely swamp to sell, although it won't be cheap - there is some sentimental value attached and that costs.
The elf got suddenly sick, which was probably as much as a revelation to him as it was to some of our group:)...therefore, he did not get the honor of witnessing us having fun with 40 orcs and unknown number of hobgoblins. We are still alive - for how long is the question. Oh, would have been nice to see Clangeddin's handiwork. Balin must this out on somebody - Andre (Yelenneth's boyfriend whose fault this all is) is a likely canditate.
We made it, and we made it with some loot. After that we had some training sessions (welcome, level two!). We hired ourselves as bodyguards to a merchant who was dutifully assaulted on the way to that other town (village) where we are relatively known. The local big dude has something to hide, as does the local stupid swamp and equally idiotic local forest. Gah! Trolls, Giants, Dragons or some such small fry which will kick our asses to kingdom come, probably. Life is a witch and then you scry.
The swamp was hiding at least four Giants (rather deformed) and the Queen of the said place (huge something...dragon or the like). After almost getting killed by some relatives of Gila monsters - embarrassing, really - we headed into further trouble and met this Queen and had a chat with her. We negotiated a deal: for a small price of mutton every two weeks the Queen got rid of those Giants and enhances the fields of the to produce more. Two new recruits joined the group in this adventure: Ares the good-for-nothing urbanite swordsman and Elisa the priestess of Lathander. Level three is here, yay!:)


I'm just starting to play this game which is proving to be more interesting than I thought it would be, if that can be said about one pre-game and one game session. My character is a squire, called Tempus Bartyne.
Henrik's part of the long introduction to Harn is over...he did it out of duty. Bral and Tempus helped. It was but a simple task of solving a quarrel. The riddle was successfully solved.
Bral's job was similar, but he did it because he was asked to. In this Henrik and Tempus helped him. He had to find a matching pair of a clasp (in secrecy, without telling anyone) for a friend. Running around Kaldor was not that much fun, I tell you...particularly when you're wounded. But the would-be marriage which this fooling around was to save was saved, thanks to Bral's ingenuity.
Now is Tempus's turn, which he does because he was ordered to!;) He is to kill a man, an enemy of the Bartyne family. Bral and Henrik help him. It is not that simple. No doubt there are larger things looming in the background.
Cynan, the man mentioned above, wasn't killed, but Tempus recovered the things he was to recover, anyway. He has a quite a collection of scars because of the duel with Cynan (first blood). Bral is getting them, too, but not for the same reasons...
On a pilgrimage, accompanied by Ars Lesa, a squire who is more or less Tempus' responsibility to teach. Therefore the travel is filled with lots of discussions about various subjects. Bral's repentance requires further study. He'll have no secrets from Tempus!;)
The trip was illuminating, if nothing else. For once Tempus would admit that the Church is onto something (in his thoughts, not openly...). Naturally the Church is right in any case, thing or matter, if you ask Tempus...he hasn't a heretical bone in his body, no sir!;)
Trying to help Henrik to solve a murder mystery. Even with the help of Bral and Ars this matter went to hell. Henrik has a moral hangover of some sort because of this - refuses to even drink ale!
Tempus is to take the tithe to his family's Lord, the Earl of Qualdris (who is MIA) and swear the oath of fealty for his family. Accompanied by Bral and Henrik. Money was received and stolen in Tashal. After recovering from the robbery Tempus with the help of the abovementioned friends tries to recover that money - the whole thing seems to be a losing proposition. Next character sheet!;)
Money recovered - 2/3 of it - 1/3 secured as a loan. Somebody had got that money from the fellow who stole it in the first place and promised to deliver us 2/3 if we but kill the original thief's three comrades. After long discussions about how to go about this Bral had a moral fit because we did kill those three according to instructions to recover that money. Their horses were sold/are pawns for the rest of the "missing" money. It took us a month to get to this point...mainly because of Bral's objections...let it never be said that Tempus is not considerate!;) To Tempus the cause would have been just with or without the kind of incentive mentioned above. His first two felt a bit surreal after that. But anyway...the tithe was delivered, the oath was made and the Earl suddenly turned up. We would like to hear where he has been and what has he done. That is a story for another session. For some reason I think that the GM felt like he was sitting on hot coals or otherwise desperate for the last three sessions of the game!;)

The three of us have been knighted and we got a job. So far we have had it relatively disastrous moves have been made by us that we know of!;) Escorting three members of the Miner's Guild into and out of the Taelda territory went rather easily, although Baron of Nenda may not be pleased with the results. But we are not telling - no doubt somebody does. Hopefully this somebody is not a certain squire who was under Tempus' tutelage (damage control due to a very loose tongued miner apprentice).
The Chelebin Tournament is on, and we are there, too (we being Bral, Tempus, our boss (Sir Coreth of Lothlar), our boss's boss (Earl of Vemion), and lots of other related personages). Being a showcase of chivalry, we have pissed off just one other household. No doubt everything will be resolved peacefully. Man, that Earl's daughter is really something!:)
The Tournament is over...and we ended up with various degrees of injuries. Bral won two of his jousts plus a helm as a ransom and due to his injuries in the third duel missed the rest of the fun. Tempus, likewise, won two of his duels and lost the third - and ended up in a field hospital due to his injuries from which he took about a month to recover. The rest of our gang lost the fight with the aforementioned household.

Jonas has joined us. Let us see if he is a man worthy of being a knight.:) Bral's cousin of a priest got himself killed. This led Bral to a rampage which ended in a small village and most of its inhabitants going up in smoke with a little help from a small party of knights and clergy (they were heretics or pagans - anyway, they killed Bral's cousin and they got that coming to them). At least that is what he tells us. Naughty boy, that Bral.:)

The King is dead. We three were sent by the Earl's daughter to assassinate the message deliverer of the news (one of King's Guards) who was sent by the Chancellor to Tashal. This we did - although in hind sight the kill was unnecessary, since the message was the only thing that mattered (a letter). The Chancellor himself died in an assassination on the way to Tashal. The current situation is that there is no heir apparent named, but there's no lack of pretenders to the throne. You can guess where we go from here...if you don't, I have two words for you: civil war. Bral was "assigned" to some clerical duties. That's what you get when you write proclamations.:)

We have been assigned to a mission of intelligence gathering of sorts...for about one year we are to travel around Kaldor and find out about as much as we can about as much as we can. Preferably without raising any suspicions. Our boss (Earl of Vemion) has provided us with lots of stuff. So off we go in some awful weather - it is winter, after all.
Our first target was a mine. Naturally all that we figured out will be reported. We had our first chance to test our cover story of wandering mercenaries/fighters/wrestlers there. Due to bad weather we spent some time there before heading for Nubeth (whose Baron had a quite an interest in the mine). There we had opportunities to further test our cover, not to mention gather intelligence. We are spending some days there before heading for our as of yet undetermined next target. Wrestling earned us quite some money as well as street credibility. Oh, yes...some forms of diversions can be quite pleasant. The things we must do to avoid being eavesdropped while exchanging information with our local contacts! For some reason this contact (a stable boy) was miffed with Tempus after this - his girl friend was not (he really should have been alone like he told us...this would not have happened otherwise). Jonas entertained people with sleight of hand tricks and found out some information which until then we weren't privy to, in addition to wrestling. Our engineer - Nilosh - did his job...scouting, talking with our contact, and wrestling. Tempus made sweet love, and wrestled, too. We all do our part in this hard line of work.

Checking out Byce after dropping off Jason's servant in Qualdris. Off to visit some locals with the Byce manor lord when we happened upon a corpse, which was then delivered to Torret and eventually to Qualdris. We got in with the corpse, and later secured our way to Kobing with the same corpse - who happened to be a nephew of Baron of Kobe. Oh, well. On a more positive note Jason's servant happened to hit his head on some blunt instrument and while (probably) unconscious hanged himself far away from any reasonable place for him to be at that time and in that weather. Still, what Nilosh did wrong with a certain servant of female persuasion remains a puzzling mystery probably for all ages thanks to untimely disturbances.

Spring comes along at a pace, and we enter Kobing. We do what we think we can do to find out various thing about various activities concerning various individuals by various different methods. Nilosh probably accidentally found out the local sport club (aka brothel), Jason did something with his tricks, and Tempus chatted away with the other inn keeper. The session came to end with a wrestling match which is sure to harden our body, if not our spirits...the aftermath of this introduced us to an accountant who accidentally lost some piece of paper to Tempus. Next episode: we are on our way to...some other place.

We managed to worm our way back to Byce, just in time for the end of spring festival and general decandence after recovering from beatings in Kobing for four days. There our first report was made and while awaiting further instructions we practiced our sword play acting. We even managed to get as far as Hutop before we found out how we were tracked and who our tracker was (what he looked like - not who he is). A minor feint and we don't have to worry about him for a day, at least. Back to Hutop for some more intelligence gathering.

Spending a few days in Hutop resulted in a few things: we managed to get back our tag-along and Jason managed to mess his things up enough to get to know the local bad boys in the local sheriff's eyes - although that reputation seems to be limited to his entourage, only. So we have contacts of sorts here, now.
The next place where we didn't spend all that much time loitering around was the very same place where the King died. No spies here, not much to deduce. Off to more hospitable areas.

We managed to help an ungrateful person to get rid of spies on our way to Ternua. And almost get our favourite discreet follower (i.e. another spy) trapped. Well, his movements are hindered for a while, anyway. We heard some rumours about Kobing. Now that Ternua is more or less checked out, we head for Tashal in a roundabout way. Probably.

Tashal was a place of headache, especially after we had the misfortune to meet Henrik again, not to mention our so-called voluntary help in an affair of his. It involved - to nobody's surprise - a female, a marriage, and an inconvenience. It was resolved in Kath part of Harn, southwest of Tashal (the Salt Route) resulting in a cost of few lives and wounds. The couple took off to somewhere, and we took off to Tashal.

Anyway, up North. Bidow-Gardiren-Yeged-Olokand. Move along, nothing to see.

Bidow Keep yielded some tidbits as to the doings of some mercenaries (?) and the Earl of Neph. Having a cousin in your debt may prove to be useful in the future. There were some things transferred here and there, these things belonged to the usual category of weaponries and supplies - destination unknown. Well, we'll find out or not. Baseta calls.

The crops near the river valley could be declared as a lost cause due to a disease. Life won't be easy around there for some time. In addition to that there seems to be another source of problem, which manifests itself with killed stock and peasantry, plus burned households. In other words a rogue group of somebodies were rampaging around. The Baseta Constable blamed the Taelda. The Taelda blamed the Kaldorians. We (Tempus, that is) blamed Curo. Futile attempts at trying to catch the rascals at it. A few days later a letter arrived in which the Earl of Vemion said Conwan Elendsa was declared the King - except that the Earl of Neph objected to the matter with an ultimatum stating that Maldan Harabor should be declared as the King and taking the nobles present as prisoners. Hostages should be offered in order to free the nobles...which in our side would be Lady Sybil.

Hence a plan to abduct the heir apparent and his wife - who were visiting in Setrew - was executed, along with a truly crippling number of the said Baron's household members. The job was done despite some mishaps. While fleeing, the clumsy heir managed to cause some injuries, of which the most severe were to his wife. Off to Baseta, some cosmetic modifications to the couple after medical checks, and right after to the lands of the Taelda. The intent was to bargain a place to keep these hostages due to services rendered to the said Taelda village. Negotiations were successful.

After this we returned to Baseta and took off to Tashal. There was a heavy guard in Olokand examining and asking questions related to the kidnapped couple. Naturally, we knew nothing of this. Couple of days passed by before we arrived in Tashal, which looked for all intents and purposes as a city under siege. The would be Earl of Vemion and Lady Sybil greeted us after we cleaned up, received our reports. News of the kidnapped couple were greeted with enthusiasm by Altur who immediately started building castles in the clouds, to be brought down by Lady Sybil. A nocturnal negotiation with the advisors resulted in our next mission: to inform Curo and Maldan of the abduction and ask for release of the held hostages in exchange for the lives of the couple, preferably delivered without a possibility of tracing.


Well...we managed to do even that, with the help of an assailant who did manage to stay alive in the effort of his group to rob us. Which lead to the release of the nobles, and other problems stemming from that. Apparently one of the Earl's advisors advised him that handing us over to Curo and Maldan would be a good idea. Couple of the advisor's men were to detain us, which was foiled by Lady Sybil, leading to the four of us escaping from Tashal. We made it to the relative safety of the Earl of Osel, where Lady Sybil has a sister, by the way. we sit for an undetermined amount of time.

The undetermined time ended way too soon. We ended up securing a mine, that was eventually lost, and then regained, with various amounts of bloodshed in between. A chance encounter in the surrounding areas of the mine yielded a Pagaelin woman and a boy child that were sent to Qualdris. Like that would not be action enough, there was a skirmish between the forces of Vemion and Osel. I hope the three we behind ears noble youngbloods we were saddled with learned something - one of them died at the river where the forces clashed. The skirmish was part of the mine thing mentioned above. Due to injuries received in the skirmish Tempus was transported away in a carriage heading for Qualdris after the event.

After recovering from the injuries Jason, Nilosh, and Tempus were given a different kind of mission: to join up with the Pagaelin Chieftain whose male offspring we apparently rescued (see above). With them we were to hit and run various places within the control of Vemion. Eventually we proceeded to do just that: robbing tax collectors, looting cattle, destroying a mine...all kinds of stuff that gets people really irritated. That is not to say that we made friends with all the members of the Chieftain's clan - and we did not. Eventually this fact ended up for all intents and purposes seriously harming the said clan.
During this time Tempus was coaching the Chieftain for something bigger, Jason and Nilosh made themselves popular. Jason managed to find something interesting when he was visiting a monastery that was not that far away from us, in the south east of Kaldor. It would be reported further. Also, while Jason was making his rounds in the villages nearby he managed to get us involved in a rescue mission of a lady in waiting - she was on the run and the posse looking for him warned populace not to get involved with her...she was a dangerous witch, according to them. Well, Tempus must learn to minimize his aura to nothing, some day...he attracts too much attention and is too memorable among the Vemionshire folk, at least. Anyway, we managed to get her to the safety of the Pagaelin camp. As luck would have it, the said camp came under attack the very next day by Kaldorians. The only way this would have happened is that the people who were guarding intentionally let them, and some of the guards were people with hostile intents toward us three. In the end, the four of us (Jason, Nilosh, Tempus, and the lady in waiting) managed to escape, as well as some of the clan.
In time we made it to Qualdris where the lady in waiting told the audience there the news she had found out and that had lead her to flee. This would lead to other things, among them the return of Bral, and the introduction of some new faces. It was revealed that there was a third party involved in this Kaldorian struggle, that was doing its part to maintain status quo among all parties involved - there would be no advance without a subsequent loss somewhere along the line. Nothing would change, in fact, in this power struggle. Therefore it was decided that a party would be sent out to recover the only thing that might solve the deadlock: the lost sword of Kaldorian Kings. Tempus - naturally - would lead this party. You can be sure that nobody asked his opinion about this. ;p


We have held our first game. The game is sort of introductory - setting the world, the environment, and the players in that context. There are four players whose job is to find Merlin's...ring...which is missing. Not going well, I tell you!:)

Evil Overlords

As told by the Storyteller... The system is based on Fudge and the player characters are done with 5 point fudge excluding magic and religion. Magic is based more or less on Ars Magica and Amber. Religion is my own cooking. Maps and such are derived from Harn. Most of the stuff there will happen in Kaldor.

Welcome to the age of the man! Long long time ago there was a time, when there was no order. Other races ravaged the land. Weird gods messed with the lives of the mortals. Such could not be allowed. Among the mighty race of the man, there came seven powerful leaders to make things right. With magic and brute force, they cleared the land from extraneous lifeforms and dubious philosophies. After such a valiant deed they withdrew themselves from the mundane and concentrated on higher goals. The only execption was Overlord Truthsayer, who occasionally could come out to solve problems the mundane people could not handle. At the present they all, even the Truthsayer, are very much forgotten as personalities. They are The Power Behind The Known World.

Ah yes, not all the races were wiped out, however. Halflings continue their peaceful coexistence with the mankind. After all, they are quite harmless and good workers. If someone tells there are other races, like D.U.M. dwarves or comatose elves, they are obviously mistaken. Ask any Overlord. They'll tell you.

Such is the world right now. As said, the games concentrate on Kaldor, which is under the rule of Overlord Truthsayer. The players are harmless halflings. One of them is the leader of a city halfling patrol. The patrol contains three other halflings, who are NPC:s. The second halfling is a clerk working for the lord of the city: a mage. Third one belongs to the most successful halfling family in town. They make beer that is famous even far away. They have no secrets and are totally loyal to mankind. Honest.

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