30 May 2009

Validation links updated. Most links checked and verified.

22 December 2006

Validation links updated due to (hopefully temporary) move to a new host. Further evaluation of pages to follow.

8 February 2004

Reducing the number of selectable stylesheet options from four to two, minor link checks. The former address www.student.oulu.fi/~apeiron stopped being available at the end of 2003.

29 July 2003

Updating Curriculum Vitae pages with new address info.

22 June 2003

Structural changes: Children of Fire, Ars Magica, and Jyhad under their own folders (either cof or nonm). Links within site therefore updated.

18 June 2003

Index page and CSS have been updated. The index page has less stuff than the current version at www.student.oulu.fi/~apeiron.

17 June 2003

Transition to www.dimarchi.net, with minor modifications to all pages due to this. Both www.student.oulu.fi/~apeiron and www.dimarchi.net will overlap each other for a while.

4 May 2003

Most pages...either by having the menu system reworked, links checked, or otherwise updated content.

30 March 2003

Betty Page table structure converted to CSS equivalents.

1 January 2003

Children of Fire update. Other changes so far have taken place behind the pages since the last update. This has meant moving from XHTML 1.0 to XHTML 1.1, in addition to attempting to adapt most of the pages to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Bobby scan gives AAA to these WCAG adapted pages in question.

25 August 2002

RPG updated, plus another stylesheet added, which meant some changes to most of the pages, Children of Fire pages excluded.

15 July 2002

Children of Fire update.

20 May 2002

Children of Fire revamp and update. Partial, will continue.

8 April 2002

Welcome page now has links to alternate stylesheets, exposing them to a wider audience. In RPG page the Harn section was updated.

10 February 2002

IFRAME removed from home page, replaced with links to that page. There are now three stylesheets to choose from, which in turn has resulted in modifications to DOM programming and Javascript library. Children of Fire pages left untouched by this editing round. No other kind of update (id est, no content updates).

30 January 2002

Address table removed from the Welcome page, with related Javascript deleted from Javascript library. TOON page now has a link to Rauli Rotta's image. Whee. ;)

1 January 2002

Most of the pages were subjected to update in their XHTML, CSS, DOM, and Javascript - notable exceptions to this are Ars Magica and Jyhad pages...they will remain as they were until now. They won't be actively updated any longer. New pages: Site Map (former sidebar), Curriculum Vitae (both in English and Finnish), About These Pages. The presentational code that was present before was moved into CSS, which may make the pages look rather Spartan in some browsers. DOM and the associated Javascript may work - in a similar fashion - in some browsers, while failing in others. Mozilla based browsers should render the pages correctly.

3 December 2001

Children of Fire, Myth, Web Pages, and Myth updates. Some text, DOM, and CSS.

12 November 2001

Children of Fire update, Harn update. CSS and Javascript modified, which can be seen in DOM action in Welcome and Betty Page.

21 September 2001

Addition of a new page (Web Pages) as an inline frame in Welcome page. Serves also as a hierarchical listing of my pages, a search page, and a Netscape 6 sidebar.

27 August 2001

Behind the scenes modification of html. Results in less Javascript.

19 August 2001

Link checks. Which meant updates to Mac and Myth pages, css modification of Children of Fire pages (for Netscape 6.1).

29 July 2001

Children of Fire update.

17 June 2001

Children of Fire pages updated with the latest episode info. The same holds true of RPG page and Harn. Man...illnesses really take their toll.

21 January 2001

Children of Fire pages, Macintosh, Vampire - The Hugged, and RPG page updated (Harn).

8 January 2001

Links has two of them more. RPG page updated (Harn).

17 December 2000

Checking out links, CSS and JavaScript modified a little. RPG page updated (Harn).

31 October 2000

Children of Fire restructuring.

23 October 2000

Under the hood modifications to most pages.

22 October 2000

Children of Fire pages updated, part one. Revamp to follow - maybe.

17 September 2000

Mac, Mighty List of Links and RPG pages updated.

8 August 2000

All pages with links opening a new window checked and corrected to match W3C's specifications on the matter. This means the following pages: Betty Page, Children of Fire, Children of Fire - Rumifications, and the Mighty List of Links.

1 August 2000

Children of Fire pages updated.

25 June 2000

Reducing the amount of presentational use of tags in most pages and encapsulating Javascript in XML (sort of).

4 June 2000

All pages updated. If you have Javascript enabled, in addition to other Javascript stuff you will now see the modification date of the page. This page usually has all the more or less major things (as I see them) and the pages may have had modifications which are not mentioned here. Undefined is the usual answer, until the same page or some other page is loaded for the second time. I don't know why this is, but it works. Then you will be able to see the date. Cookie test had the same problem.

21 May 2000

Another Children of Fire update...this time giving people some chance to read the text against a dark background. Once I get the hang of cookies I'll make some options available regarding the layout. Another Children of Fire page added. Myth page received a link fix.

17 May 2000

Children of Fire update.

1 May 2000

Children of Fire update and links checked. Myth page has some links added to it.

8 April 2000

XHTML. Children of Fire has a new logo.

2 April 2000

More tweaking and maintenance.

18 March 2000

W3C CSS Validation. Added a link to the Mighty List of Links.

12 March 2000

Updated Toon. Fixes here and there - external links checked.

9 March 2000

Updated Children of Fire page with the description of the latest session.

28 February 2000

Added a link to the Evil Overlords sessions.

27 February 2000

Pages run through the W3C HTML Validation. Added a link and a picture to the validated pages. Clicking on the picture presents the validating results of the page in question.

13 February 2000

Betty Page links checked. Children of Fire added. HTML code revisited and corrected in every page using Tidy HTML suggestions.

21 January 2000

Just a date check. Next scheduled is a link check. Don't hold your breath, though.:)

3 November 1999

CSS pages updated. My e-mail address in the Welcome page changed to Javascript, following the example of other e-mail addresses there. For the same reasons.

10 October 1999

Mac page links corrected. Welcome page got rid of some of the Javascript - the Javascript code is now similar throughout the site.

19 September 1999

Some Javascript character code fiddling in Welcome, Betty Page, Mighty List of Links, and Macintosh pages. Since I couldn't get an apostrophe working like it should have, I went to ISO-Latin-1 character codes and solved the problem that way. Hmph.

29 August 1999

Mighty List of Links modified. Welcome page has two e-mail addresses changed to Javascript format (the result is that when you have Javascript disabled you don't see these two e-mail addresses - if Javascript is enabled, you see them...they are in a format which should hinder e-mail spammers). CSS modified.

29 July 1999

Image maps got some Javascript, as well as a small correction of a link in the Ars Magica page.

4 July 1999

Javascript is present in all pages, but these pages do work even if you don't have Javascript enabled. Mighty List's Javascript was ugly...not anymore, thereby removing any need to have two versions of that page. Welcome page may lose some DHTML at some point (it is a layers thing...they will not be present in NN 5...). Let me know if you find problems.

20 June 1999

Meta tags added to all pages. Mighty List of Links converted to Javascript (noscript version is available). Welcome page has a note about DHTML.

6 June 1999

Javascript and DHTML added to Welcome page. More to follow.

16 May 1999

Welcome and Mac pages updated.

14 March 1999

RPG and Mighty List of Links updated with something.

31 January 1999

Copyright updates mostly. If you see 1998 displayed somewhere let me know!;) This thesis writing does not leave much time for anything. Soon, soon:)...

13 December 1998

RPG update on another MERP adventure. Nothing else this time (too lazy to do maintenance of Links page which would need it).

8 November 1998

A minor update of Ars Magica pages Timetable and the Library. RPG updated on MERP.

11 August 1998

Betty Page, Welcome, Mac, and Links pages got their links checked (remove and add some, correct others). TOON updated. Man, I should be paid doing this.;)

11 July 1998

Two Ars Magica pages modified (Library and Spell pages), as well as Welcome, Mac, and RPG pages.

7 June 1998

RPG and All Ars Magica pages updated to some extent.

11 May 1998

Mac page, RPG page, The Links page, Welcome page and Betty Page page updated, once again.

22 March 1998

Most links checked, as well as adding Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to the pages. Looks a lot nicer!

7 March 1998

Welcome page got a navigation graphic, RPG is up-to-date, and Mac page got some additions.

18 January 1998

Not much. Maybe next time.;)

30 November 1997

Number one in a series of upgrading the HTML code behind the pages. All pages should have their formatting about right. Mighty List of Links most visually upgraded, and it has a new link, too!:) Another addition was a client-side image map to Ars Magica pages. The things I do to please myself!;)

6 November 1997

I'm being unhealthily productive today...I checked all the links on my pages (three timed out) and made corrections accordingly. Betty Page - check, Mac - check, Mighty List of Links - check, RPG - check (had a game yesterday (Harn) so I thought I could update that part as well), Toon - check (changed background to what it should be).

4 November 1997

Mac, Toon, and RPG page updated. I should check Betty Page and inform those people who have links to my pages of address change...

6 October 1997

Ars Magica, Mac, Mighty List of Links and Vampire: The Hugged (TOON page) pages were patched a little before they started to fall apart from the seams.

3 August 1997

Mac, Mighty List of Links and RPG page were updated this time around.

22 June 1997

Bettie Page page, links page, Mac and RPG page updated.

8 June 1997

Ars Magica pages updated (main page, Timetable, Library). More to follow on other pages, later if not sooner.

2 March 1997

Lots of things mentioned below, on most pages.

17 November 1996

Updating Ars Magica: Library page closer to reality, as well as adding the latest happenings to the Timetable page. Minor Mac page link corrections. Betty Page: new logo, new link. RPG page is happy again for the attention paid to it.

11 October 1996

Checked links all over the place. Added stuff to the main Ars Magica and RPG page. Mac page got more pictures. The Mighty List of Links modified again. Fixed a URL on Betty Page page.

16 September 1996

Welcome page address changes as well as changes in Mac page.

12 August 1996

Lots of Ars Magica pages got additions or changes: the main page, Timetable, Perfugium and the Manor, Library, and Dramatis Personae. Furthermore, Betty Page page got URLs fixed, the Mac added and removed some text, as did the Mighty List of Links.

4 July 1996

Links corrected in or removed from the Mighty List of Links, Mac pages. Ars Magica has gone through another change and another addition: Dramatis Personae (not to mention the split of the main page (the dead got their own page, yay!)). Perfugium Shield of Arms added to Manor page.

8 June 1996

E-mail address changed. RPG, Ars Magica: Perfugium and the Manor have some more stuff plus corrections. Two links removed from the Mighty List of Links.

6 May 1996

Ars Magica: Library brought up to date. Jyhad logo gif-animation in Jyhad page, correcting the list of my Jyhad cards - it is okay, now...honest...my word as a Tremere anti-tribu!:)

6 April 1996

EVERYTHING except TOON and Ars Magica: Timetable modified. Ars Magica: Spells added. Gasp! Wheeze!:)

1 March 1996

Welcome page modified for easier access to RPG pages, a link to the EFF added. Ars Magica (Ars Magica, Library, and Timetable) pages updated, or corrected. Jyhad page functional. Mighty List Of Links updated with a few additions, as well as RPG page and TOON page with not so few additions.

1 February 1996

Welcome page brought up to date, Jyhad page still under tests. Major modification of Ars Magica Library page: minor modification of Manor page.

9 January 1996

Updated Ars Magica Timetable, and Library: Betty Page, Mac, Mighty List Of Links, and TOON pages.

21 November 1995

Graphically violent revamp of most pages, plus adding a few more pages. If you can't handle these kinds of situations I recommend not to use Load Images or the like.

1 May 1995

First version of the Welcome page - the home page. Creation, if you will. :)

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