This is the Animator's Page, and you're welcome to it. Things to expect in the future: see how our heroes establish their headquarters (that is, where they are going to live in Anytown) and settle their arguments! Hunt For The Fabulous Foogle Bird! Bride Of The Rat God! It Came From Beneath The Nuclear Pie Testing Facility! And, in the future, there will be guest stars called Mr. Bombastic, and his evil identical twin brother Mr. Bombastich...

Of course, there is our Fabulous Cast:

In The Beginning...

It all started when our heroes were just moving in to Anytown. They needed a place to be, an apartment...a mansion...a palace! Well, in the tradition of poor heroes they had to settle for something less than a palace. Rauli heroically digged his deep pockets and in the latest newspaper found a promising ad and they all pointed in the same direction and said in chorus: "To the flat!" (this may be a lie).
Amazingly, they all managed to get there in one piece despite Jekkusmurffi's industrious efforts to the contrary (the place was just a block away). And they faced their first adversary: a door over two meters in height. Our heroes did not manage to open it. Fortunately, the salesman was in the room and heard the ruckus the fearsome threesome made - he opened the door and saw no one. Then there was some noise from the height of less than one feet and the salesman's gaze fell upon them (thud!). "Greetings, good sir." intoned Rauli. "We have a need of an accomodation for undeterminate amount of time."
At this point it dawned to Little Brown Mömmö that the salesman in question is over 190 centimeters - he must be climbed over at once! In a ninja guise our Little Brown Mömmö proceeded to do just that with all its mountain climbing apparatus while Rauli negotiated with the salesman. Jekkusmurffi probably did something he should not have.
All went well - Rauli managed to secure the keys to the flat while Little Brown Mömmö managed to climb on the top of the salesman and plant a little flag on the top (he did not notice) and float down using a parachute (touchdown took three minutes). The only thing that may have puzzled our heroes was the quickness of the salesman's leave: after having signed copies of the sale he managed to get out of town in less than two seconds. Probably pressing matters elsewhere...
The Fearsome threesome solved the problem of who is going to take what room by fighting, which ruined one water bed. As can be expected, Rauli and Jekkusmurffi were at it from the beginning - Little Brown Mömmö joined in after these two managed to ruin its carefully planned tea time. All in all, things were pretty quiet.
The next day it dawned to the awesome threesome that they needed a job, and they therefore decided to go to the nearest unemployment office. Unfortunately for them they in fact managed to go to the nearest World Wrestling Federation's office, in which they were recruited on the spot despite their most vehement protests. Even more unfortunate was the fact that they would face the current champions, Crusher and Smasher, right there and then. Rauli tried to leave the arena - he got as far as the door before he was caught and thrown in the middle of the ring, right there where the spotlight was shining. He did not last long. Then it was Jekkusmurffi's turn (Rauli managed to tag him before he Fell Down). He lasted a while longer. With the help of Smasher Jekkusmurffi managed to tag Little Brown Mömmö who in its two meter Martian form pounded both champions into pancakes. Our heroes had won! Joy! Happiness! Bliss! They would be the current champs from now on! When it was asked how Crusher and Smasher felt about this they answered something like this: "This is not right...they must have used some trickery...but this will NOT end here...we WILL BE BACK! WE WILL CRUSH THEM! WE WILL SMASH THEM! WE KNOW WHERE THEY LIVE! WE..." This was as much as our heroes heard - they were already somewhere far away...

And I Foogled You More

In order to avoid revealing a plot to some unfortunate who has not yet been through all this, let us just say that the next adventure was based on the Short Subject I Foogled You . There were more players than recommended, but it just added more to the general mayhem!:) Everything went according to the plan - hee, hee!:) Rauli concluded the tale by riding a flying bike to the sunset (and the factory which suddenly appeared there), thus disgracing every rider of a flying bike with his abysmal skill.

Bride Of The Rat God!

Things started quietly. Rauli ordered stuff from Ace, got boggled after seeing the bill, whereupon some others proceeded to do the same. A bicycle (jet powered?) was built from DIY-parts. Naturally Rauli wanted to try it, with disastrous results. The bicycle survived the vertical climb and descent of a few hundred meters - Rauli did not.
While wondering how to pay for the bill they managed to find an ad in the newspaper seeking heroes who do not mind danger and high pay... Naturally, the group leaped at the chance. And so it happened that the God of Rats appeared in a buff of smoke in the middle of their department. Everyone was a bit shaken, Rauli possibly most of all because he began to lick the god's feet which resulted in demonstration of Divine Wrath (Rauli Fell Down). A tale of bimbos, evil priests and Slurping Horrors followed. Nevertheless, a cat of the group was hungry and could not concentrate much - he went for the refridgerator when he saw a small Slurping Horror which followed the Rat God everywhere. Aiiieeee! But the cat got his desserts anyway (probably).
The group needed to find a spell in a book somewhere far away, and fearlessly everyone traveled there (by flying, by Boeing 747, or whatnot (and everybody else waiting for two hours for two latecomers (Rauli and Jekkusmurffi on the bicycle)). The hotel (deserted, way away from any civilization) was right there where it should be. Some sort of argument got things going on between Jekkusmurffi and the badger dog, which ended in Jekkusmurffi being splattered to a wall - with a little help from Lynyrd the pixie who for some reason failed his flying roll...Rauli waited for thunder to strike him before the hotel door.
No one answered at the reception so Rauli headed into basement, the cat into kitchen, Lynyrd and the badger dog started to search rooms. The lights went out, thanks to someone in the basement. The cat found the refridgerator, inside a teensy and shy Slurping Horror greeted him - judging from the reactions the cat did not take this well...did I mention the delayed impact anvils which appeared until the cat got the refridgerator's door open? Well, the delay lasted until he got out of the building, panted a while, and started to head back in. All that could be seen were his hands. Jekkusmurffi looked interestedly at this display. Lynyrd found nothing in the rooms he searched, except in the room number 13...there were three robotic baby ducks which spotted him. He managed to speed past the badger dog who did not find anything in the rooms she searched and wondered what happened...then she saw the ducks. She tried to avoid them by speeding past them; she froze right there. The badger dog was splattered all over the vicinity.
Meanwhile, Jekkusmurffi was destroying the reception bell.
Rauli was destroying the basement, although he probably did not mean that. He managed to spring a trap which manifested in the form of a huge round boulder which flattened Rauli to the door and smashed it down. Rauli was devastated. This allowed Lynyrd to grab the book in the basement room (nobody could understand the text). The cat came down, too, and managed to activate lights and a time bomb. There was another door with a puzzle in it: Rauli tried to solve it (LOTS of rope). Lynyrd went out with the books, the badger dog came down, followed by two robotic baby ducks, and the cat went up. Lots of mayhem followed before the group could get out of the house before it would explode (the cat Fell Down, as well as the badger dog). But in the end they succeeded against all the odds, delivered the books to the Rat God, who paid the the required sum of money. Satisfied with themselves they started to read the lates newspaper; there was a headline the size of a cat screaming MURDERERS! at them while their mugshots were right below that. Rampant mobs roamed through the town searching for them in order to hang them (and then...really hurt them). That was not the end of it...a 50 meter Duracell bunny accompanied by a few hundreds of robotic baby ducks seemed to head right in their direction...

Off To Find Adventure!

The usual program is hibernating at the moment, so I held an ex tempore adventure based on the User-Friendly Dungeon of Splannng!. Still, in the vein of giving away the plots of ready-made adventures I'll just mention here the stuff I added to that adventure...feel free to use them if you think you find them useful. Parking lot before the entrance to the Dungeon: it may be a bit difficult to park your lizard if you have no money and the closest thing with money is a parking of them nearly made the warrior of the adventure (the other was a mage) Fall Down. Tough customers...even Fast Talk didn't work on them. The second addition was to place a temporary curse - from the "I-wonder-what-this-potion-does" Table - on every ten pools of a certain room. Usually most effective when the adventurers have to wash themselves... The third and final addition was to place traps everywhere in the throne room, although this is not necessary if there is a certain kind of bag in the game...just have them pull out whatever they want!:) For some reason, it took a while before they got away with this kind of plan...maybe rolls that were so bad that they nearly boggled me had something to do with it!:)

Titan Versus Titan

Another quickie, this time super heroes ran amok in the Invasion from the Planet of Deadly Ducks! It all started rather nice in the headquarters of Toon Titans - two of the regular members were on holiday, so the job of guarding Anytown was left to three remaining members of the Titans. To protect their identities let us refer to them as Captain, Miss, and Sergeant. Or better yet, let us refer to them not at all.:)
Their usual crime prevention tour began right after 11 pm, when they leaped out of the window of their room which was on the 40th (or was it 80th?) floor of the skyscraper they were living in. After two of these heroic heroes (and heroine) were splattered to a wall of a nearby building (those winds are something fierce at that altitude), they started their tour of duty. Not soon after they spotted a crime in progress: somebody was being robbed by another somebody! Without hesitation our trio intervened. They almost botched the job because they quarreled among themselves, but eventually they managed to subdue both the robber and the victim who were efficiently moved to a nearby police station, covered up to their necks in a cube of dirt - never mind who robbed who.
Next robbery more or less successfully foiled was a bank robbery - two of these Titans flew while one of them ran over some innocent bystanders in their Titan Mobile in an effort to follow these two. These three happened upon a crime in progress which was solved true to their nature style...without any logic in their actions and lots of senseless violence. They even managed to make Splatman - the eternally helpful but more often far less than that super hero wannabe that is every Titan's curse to suffer - Fall Down in the effort. In the end the robbers were captured in various states of physical and mental conditions. But the trio's true test was yet to follow: a newspaper Toon person was selling the latest edition of the local newspaper which told of the imminent invasion from the planet of deadly ducks was coming. Helpful diagrams and countdown clocks pointed the way to the landing site of this fleet.
Once they got there there was ample time to arrange a welcoming party for the invasion fleet. In addition to that they decided to boost their financial status by arranging a rock concert, which failed miserably (the audience wasn't pleased with what they heard and saw). Fortunately one of the Titans had built a bunker with all modern conveniences where the trio retired after the unfortunate rock concert. Everybody was doing something to pass time (and not paying attention to what other members were doing): playing Space Invaders, planning strategic and tactical maneuvres and what not. The Space Invaders game session was brutally cut short by ripping the cords off the tv and power, much to the chagrin of the player who was about to make a new record. This resulted in Titanic (sorry...) battle between the two members of the Titans which would eventually wreck the whole invasion fleet! Nearby buildings wisely took off when they saw what was happening. In the end - after the remaining member of the Titans had sold ringside tickets to the fight (to the defeated fleet) between these Titans everything ended happily, sort of. The injured Space Invaders playing party got his revenge, the foul fowl (Miss) got what she deserved, the fleet got to see a great fight and go back home, Anytown was more or less in one piece, and the Titans made money in the effort!

Off To Find Adventure, Part Two

Another gruesome effort to bolster the ever diminishing purse was made in The Dragonpants Saga. Our heroic trio (this time...), after having spent their gains of the previous adventure faster than they could think (pretty slow, that is), needed some more lead. They heard that there in the Dungeon of Endless Rectangular Rooms lives a Dragon whose pants were made of the purest lead. They needed no more encouragement - off they went.
The newbie of the group got the honour of parking their lizard. After having received enough electricity to keep him dancing for a while the other two sold tickets to this spectacular phenomenon. All went well until a little girl with a huge bucket of water tripped. The result was a fried adventurer. Well cooked, too. Crispy, some would say. Very well burnt, others would indicate.
Eventually these braves managed to proceed ahead, above, and below in various ways, including digging through floors and walls. There was some disagreement about the location of the Dragon in question, which resulted in the group splitting after the encounter with the first Dragon - which proved not to be the one they were after, but that didn't slow them down until the Dragon shoved them out of his shop and the mage failed in some magic rolls (resulting in a very deep chasm under the adventurers). Down they went more than once. Finally some comment from some adventurer caused a leader/boss type character to appear whose name was Idiot. Under his inspired guidance most of the three managed to find the approxiamate location of the right Dragon. They were just slighty worried about the lack of walls in every direction. However, they managed to find the gigantic pair of door behind which the Dragon was sleeping. After two Herculean efforts to open the door - and sweating enough to make a small lake - the leader fetched the third member of the party in a manner which spoke volumes of his lack of understanding when it comes to universal laws governing the physics and gravity in particular. Note that in all this time it never occurred to these intellectuals to go around the doors. Once they got them open they proceeded to loot the pants as best as they could. Incredibly one of them succeeded in putting the Dragon to a very deep sleep for the period of looting, which was a sorry sight to behold - but they managed it.
Of course, as is the habit in these kinds of tales, the Dragon woke almost immediately after this. Panic welling the braves called for a taxi, and got a Martian flying saucer. Much debate followed about the identity of the adventurers while the Dragon was closing in. For the mere price of the pants made of the purest lead the group managed to escape to the surface and the entrance of the Dungeon of Endless Rectangular Rooms (these trips cost a lot). So they lost everything they gained. The Dragon took after the Martian who had his pants. The threesome held a party in honour of surviving yet another adventure.

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