You can still leave without losing your sanity or getting strange urges to reach out and bite someone... This page is a list of interesting pages I've found on the 'net, or they have been mentioned in publications I read. Mainly this page is for my convenience when I'm away from my home but still have access to the net.

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Internet-käyttäjät ikuisesti - IKI ry
Internet-käyttäjät ikuisesti IKI ry IKIIKI ry the Internet Users Forever IKI non-profit society
Local weather
ilmatieteen laitos Oulu
Locus newszine
PHP: Hypertext preprocessor
scripting language
web standards
OMG! Ubuntu!
Ubuntu news Linux
Ubuntu Forums
Ubuntu forums Linux
Phoronix news tests benchmarking Linux
Ars Technica
Ars Technica news technology software hardware politics
Touch Arcade
Touch Arcade iPhone BSD Linux
Norkko pollen report University of Turku Aerobiology Unit
OpenClipArt clip art public domain
A List Apart
A List Apart web standards technology culture
Angular blog
Angular blog
React reference documentation