Tarmo Turunen

Kontiotie 5 A 7
90530 Oulu


  • Educated in bibliography, cataloging, indexing, searching and other things related to Information Science
  • Very good command of English
  • Proficient in HTML, XHTML, XML, DOM, CSS and Javascript, in addition to PHP and SQL
  • Basic familiarity with the following subjects: C, C++, QT, QT Creator, QT Designer, Glade, Maemo, Android, Linux, Subversion, Java, Java Server Pages. Java EE, Swift, Markdown, Git
  • Familiar with most computer platforms and major programs
  • Experience in documentation, translation, testing, customer service

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2015 Working at Innowise.
2012-2015 Working at TimerGPS.

During this time I worked on TimerGO, a web based stable management software meant for horse racing professionals and enthusiasts covering various diverse aspects relating to horse racing. This service enhances the use of the main product, the TimerGPS device.

2008-2010 Worked at Plainplay. I was working with web related technologies, such as AJAX, LAMP, SQL, PHP, (X)HTML, XML, Javascript (plus various libraries, mainly Yahoo UI), CSS. In addition I worked as an consultant, helping others with - but not limited to - documentation, localisation, project planning, versioning (Subversion), not to mention mentoring other people on these subjects.

This consultation work became known as Dooranet, a web based financial management software meant for small and mid sized businesses, now owned by Eebu. No longer available (2022)?

2006 Various freelance translations for the University of Oulu, department of Finnish, Information Studies and Logopedics.
2001 Checked the English of a report for the Information Science department.
Summer job at the Kontinkangas Hospital. Junior clerk responsible for secreterial work, inventory, and library (including cataloging donated (non-medical) books).
2000 Summer job at the Kontinkangas Hospital. Junior clerk responsible for major recataloging and maintenance of medical library books and the accompanying list of the aforementioned books at the local library (records in cards, computer database, printed catalog).
1999 Summer job at the Kontinkangas Hospital for the Elderly. Junior clerk responsible for secreterial work, inventory, and library.
Checking the English of a doctoral thesis.
1996 Three months at the Oulu University's Research Services Unit. Duties included, in addition to the basic office work, communicating with the EU, translating texts from English to Finnish and vice versa.
1988-1990 In Posio, working six months each (totalling 24 months) in...
  • Tourist Information which serves as a Museum, too (twice)
  • Library (customer service, loans)
  • Construction office (junior clerk)
1987-1988 School assistant for six months
1986 Working for six months at the Tourist Information in Posio.


2001 Master of Arts, majoring in English philology, minoring in Information Science and History of Ideas


2022 Participated in the Automotive Code Now Pro course by Eezy Työllisyyspalvelu. Being a heavily Qt oriented course the subject matters are Javascript, C++, Qt, and QML. Training at Viope.
2020 Cloud Service course by Opiframe. The course covers the Azure cloud services. Training at Finpeda.
2019 Buutti Javascript Trainee course.
2018 Buutti React Developer course.
2017-2018 iOS developer course by Opiframe.
2016-2017 Studying at OSAO, subject being E-Commerce Specialist. The course covered the following three areas: customer service, e-commerce, and producing content for web shops and maintaining them. Work training at Digizer.
2015 Currently at the follow up course to the LAMP course mentioned below, this time subject matter being Java server, with Java EE more in depth.

Participating in a short PERL course.
2014 Participating in an advanced LAMP oriented course taught by OAMK.
2011 Attending a QT programming course by PSK Service. The subjects cover the following: C, C++, Linux, QML, QT, QT Creator, QT Designer, Android, Java, Scrum, JUnit testing. Course related training at TimerGPS.
2006-2007 Completing the first half of the Mobile programming in Linux course, with emphasis on Maemo and Gtk. Training took place at Plainplay in relation to the said course.
2005-2006 Participated in a course aimed for the Humanities graduates. Work training took place at the University of Oulu, department of Finnish, Information Studies and Logopedics helping with the translation related tasks (texts, articles, etc.).
2003-2005 Attended the TestX course, which dealt with the issues of testing and programming during a period of six months. Training at Flextronics, working with intranet tools. The work included updating, fixing and maintaining current web based intranet tools, plus developing new tools, such as:
  • Versioning system for software releases (fixing and maintaining the old one, and developing a new version).
  • LDAP based login system.
  • Hierarchical materials ordering system, where an employee could order something needed to get work done...this would go to his/her boss for approval and further up the chain until finally approved or denied, with replies known to all in that particular chain.
  • Statistical analysis of software releases.
In addition to this the work required documenting and translating various things.
2002-2003 Completed the latter half of the Web Pro programming course. Training took place at Oulusoft where I mainly remade a course feedback system using PHP and Access for report database based on that course feedback. Other work included documentation, translation, using Norton Ghost for making images and in installing clean images to computers, plus helping in various Web related things.
2002 Completed the first half of the Web Pro programming course, which featured studying how to use basic office programs, hardware, Visual Basic programming, and databases. Participated in the second half of the same course, where subjects included Java programming, Java Server Pages, and databases (SQL).